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Property Management

Partnering with a property manager in the Richmond area can have a number of benefits for your investment portfolio. Of course, not all property managers offer the same great service. Before you sign on the dotted line with a property manager, take the time learn what to look for in a good manager. This will help you make the decision that’s right for your investment portfolio.

Honest, Upfront Pricing

There are no two ways about it: professional property management carries a financial cost. When your home is entrusted to an efficient, effective manager, you’ll likely find your maintenance costs fall, and you’ll no longer be wasting your time handling all of the responsibilities on your plate. Nevertheless, a portion of the income for the property will be used to pay your management fees.

You don’t want to get hit by unexpected costs, and you certainly don’t want a management firm to take you for a ride. Look for a company that clearly outlines your expenses before you get started—this will allow you to budget accordingly and determine whether the packages in question are feasible options for your rental portfolio.

Extensive Real Estate Experience

Landlords routinely face a number of difficult scenarios. From evicting tenants who refuse to pay rent each month, to handling late night emergency repair calls, the rental business can prove quite trying. A property manager shouldn’t simply make big promises, without actual experience in the trenches.

At Oakstone Property Management, our team is staffed by experienced real estate agents/investors who have bought and sold millions of dollars’ worth of property in Virginia. Isn’t that the sort of expert you’d like to have in your wheelhouse?

Resources to Keep You Informed

Working with a property manager, it often feels tricky to keep tabs on your property. How much are you spending in maintenance expenses? What was the result of your last property inspection? How much can you expect to receive in earnings this month?

At Oakstone Property Management, we use online portals to demystify the management process for our clients. You can log in around the clock to see our inspection notes, take a look at your statements, and update your contact information for our team. It’s just one of the ways we work to build transparent relationships with our clients.

Partnering with the right property manager in Richmond can truly transform the potential of your rental property. If you choose to work with the team at Oakstone Property Management, we’ll provide a complimentary rental analysis, and we’ll work to pinpoint areas where your home could improve. From placing better tenants to boosting the rental value of your home, you can count on our team to deliver impressive results.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Call us today to learn how we can help: 804.545.7314

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